Frequently asked Questions:

1. What kinds of food will we be eating?

Regional and local products such as wine, cheese, cold cuts, different pastries, chocolates, bread and more!

2. Are vegetarians allowed to join the tour?

Absolutely, we can replace the meat products with something vegetarian friendly. A gentle reminder that due to the nature of the ingredients being used in the french cuisine, the tours may not be suitable for vegans.

3. What should I bring on the tour?

A water bottle, comfortable shoes and a tote bag incase you want to bring some food home.

4. Will there be a lot of walking?

There will be about 3-3.5 kilometers of walking on the tours. If you wish to have a tour with less kilometers, we can arrange for you to have a personalized private tour (subject to availability).

5. What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my tour?

We will provide 100% reimboursment for cancellations made 48 hours prior to the tour date. Should you simply wish to reschedule, this is also possible however slots are subject to availability at the time of booking.

6. What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine, the tours will push through. If however the weather becomes a security issue, we will reschedule or cancel the tour for this day.

7. Can I customize my tour or schedule it at a different time? 

Yes of course please leave us a message or contact us at +33785714637 and we will see what we can do.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us here. We will get back to you as soon as possible.