Experience Bordeaux with an Ultimate Foodie

Our Concept: To discover the best of Bordeaux's gastronomic scene

To discover and eat our way through the winding cobbled stone streets of Bordeaux. To drink incredible wine (of course) and to learn some history along the way. All of this with an enthusiastic and friendly guide that will show you the city through her eyes. ​

What People are Saying

5 Stars From null

“Had the best tour in Bordeaux with Alexandra! We had the chance to discover very Nice places and food in Bordeaux. I learnt a lot about French history but always with a funny twist 🙂 In the end we had the chance to taste delicious french food and wine in a great place. To sum up I definitely recommend this experience! Thanks a lot Alexandra”
“Had a great tour with Alexandra who showed me another side of the city that I didn’t know before. Got to see Bordeaux from a different angle and of course ate and drank very well. I loved everything that she offered us, especially the dune blanches, the chocolates and the wine and cheese selection at the end.”
Anthony L
“It was wonderful to find and taste the unique specialties that are the artisanal heritage of this region and loved learning the grand history of Bordeaux too. We had a great day and are going back to try more...”
“What a fantastic artisan culinary experience. We had a great tour of local shops learning about their history and connection to the Bordeaux area. From pastries, bread, and, of course, canneles to honey, charcuterie, and wine, Alexandra made the tour so interesting and delicious. .”
Brian M
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Frequently asked Questions:


What kinds of food will we be eating?

Regional and local products such as wine, cheese, cold cuts, different pastries, chocolates, bread and more!

Are vegetarians allowed to join the tour?

Absolutely, we can replace the meat products with something vegetarian friendly. A gentle reminder that due to the nature of the ingredients being used in the french cuisine, the tours may not be suitable for vegans.


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